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Taking it, having it, sucking it, and fucking it like a professional...knowing Jesus got ur back.

Also, used as a proud and loving response to hate and love, all the same. No discrimination needed.

Challenges the common misconception that Queer/Gay relationships and love are detestable, immoral, or unnatural due to the contents of the Bible. Some people don't like reading the Bible in context and go with the flow of other people who have the same thoughts and feelings about queerdom.

Phrase basically acknowledges in a celebratory fashion, those who are queer bottoms, take no shame in being a bottom, and know they do it well.

Such people DO know that love, peace, and compassion are more important, and simultaneously have a personal and loving relationship with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.
"Ooooh girl, you been working out that BOOTY💗"


"BLESS honey, BLESS"

by I3aroque June 13, 2018
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A Google suggestion when "Power Bottom" is typed in. Established by angry gay atheists who hate Jesus because he taught peace, love, compassion and empathy but apparently the gay and atheist crowds don't like that and have taken to insulting him in this way or perhaps the homosexuals secretly yearn after him just as much as the atheists as they can't seem to stop talking about him or Christians.

Personally I think atheists (i.e queers) want hard Christian cock but because they can't get it they take their sexual frustration out with stupid insults such as this. Apparently it's wrong to call a gay man a queer or faggot but they (along with atheists) are allowed to mock Christians because they've had bad experiences in the past with a few Christians. This type of double standard isn't acceptable and I suggest that the queers and atheists fuck off and take a huge one up their ass and have an anal prolapse as a result.
"Power bottom for Jesus" was an insulting term originated by an angry gay atheist who had a prolapsed anus after taking too many cocks up there. He also had aids and anal cancer and was slowly dying as the result of his anal sex with men outside of gay bars.
by Skialian January 07, 2014
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