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A drinking game spawning from Beirut, Powell Cup brings a gentleman’s laziness to the drinking table. The founders of Powell cup dedicate its name the cherished memories of high times at Lake Powell. In order to play, contenders require the traditional supplies of Beirut; and, in addition, it is necessary that two lawn chairs are set up on either side of the table for comfortable seating. The two-man teams arrange four cups on each end of the table in a diamond formation. Each side takes collective turns shooting ping-pong balls at the opposing cups, and, as a requirement, the balls must bounce at least once before landing in a cup. Additionally, team members on both sides of the table are not allowed to stand up from their seats. A hockey stick is highly recommended for handling ping-pong balls out of arms reach. So sit back, relax, and play Powell cup.
Class starts late tomorrow, should we rack up some Powell Cup?”

Response: “I’ve got nowhere to go and no one to see so I could sit a few rounds.”
by Alexander Funk May 04, 2008
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