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A variety of the Power Muff, the Powder Room Muff is a womanโ€™s bush that spans over the labia majora, taint, anus and bottom. It is an intermediate level bush that is less cumbersome than the Gorilla Muff, yet still covers the erogenous zones thoroughly enough that one might feel as though they must trek through a forest in order to get to the ladybits which it shields. The Powder Room Muff derives its name from the complication that it creates for maintaining socially acceptable cleanliness standards following trips to the powder room. Those who choose to sport this muff should carry their own wet wipes at all times, else be warned that they are likely to walk around like an old dog with piss and shit matted to their crotches.
Who pissed in your cornflakes?

Boo Boo, when she stuck her dirty Powder Room Muff in my face this morning.
by Bebebox December 30, 2011
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