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Pottonmouth fever is the next level of Xerostomia (dry mouth) when one partakes in the use of marijuana smoking. Symptoms may include: hot sweats, raised body temperature,
an intense craving for cold beverages, the illusion of wearing a chin necklace or a headband, slurred speech, irrational decision-making and an overtly intense, ravenous thirst that would make you sell your grandma to a black market sex slave ring for a bottle of ice cold Arrowhead Water.
Duuude, I just smoked an ounce of weed with my daughter and some guy's wife and we all have a bad case of pottonmouth fever. I'm reluctant to inform you that we have sold your grandmother to the Zulu Nation Gangbang Division for $3.00 worth of delicious, refreshing water.
by Mr.Tank June 03, 2017
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