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Potera is one, actually the oldest and coolest group ever made, formed by Zeus himself. The legend says that Potera required the blood of 42 virgins and 42 liters of beer in order to be created, Zeus took 6 days off because of the effort needed. Except for diamons and Gabriela's heart, Potera's membership is the most difficult thing to obtain, that because the candidate should offer each official Potera member present a pint of beer from Cimby, also known as The Potera Headquartres. Potera's members are known to be fierce drinkers, the legends says that Zeus himself removes the liver and kidneys of each new member and puts a cazan de rachiu instead. Alse, if you're sabonean or gheraestean the Potera boys might set you on fire.
Man, I'd sell my sister to be in POTERA!
I know, right? I already tried but the POTERA boys beat me up.
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by gabew23 May 20, 2016
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