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People who live in the back country areas of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. They are a peaceful group who live a simple life. Typical potato sack communities do not have electricity or running water instead they prefer candles and nearby water sources for things as cooking and drinking. Bathing is not common with potato sack people as they have a fear of the water washing away there own skin so only when it rains or by accident do they bath. Be aware though if you were to come upon a community of potato sack people you are in great danger. They will chase you down and beat you till they grow tired, death is possible if they have either just fed or napped. Luckily most live far enough off the road so that the normal passerby should not be bothered, However once cited you may be chased by a group on horseback or possibly a large cow or donkey. It was once thought that these people were an urban legend of sorts but in recent years sightings have been reported almost monthly in the know territories. Some speculate that progress growth has cut into the forest that once kept them hidden. In the event that you are spotted or cornered by a group of potato sack people then the best defense is a mp3 cell phone, play the music and hold it above your head. They commonly see this as a devilish device and run away however a flashlight or personal weapon may be used as well but unless you have music on your phone it is unlikely you’ll avoid the beat down at hand.
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by Potato sack people survivor February 25, 2010
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