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A person of Irish decent. A slang for Irish people, used when the first immigrants came to America. Due to the fact the Irish would eat many potatoes.
"Yo, look at that Potato Eater."
by Sara April 22, 2004
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A not real offensive but still derogatory to describe people of Irish blood.
Potato Eater...Seeing as how the potato was the only source of nutrition in Ireland for 300 years, and half the population including half of my ancestors, died in the Great Potato Famine, I'd say that term is insensitive. Look at Scotland's Haggis. Haggis is season lard stuffed into a sheep's colon. So I may be a Potato Eater, but I don't eat fat out of a sheep's asshole.
by DarthKieduss September 25, 2015
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