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A pot filler is someone who enters tournaments for any kind of competitive event, but has no chance of making it to the prize money because they aren't very skilled. In essence, these people are only "filling the pot." If you have been entering tournaments for years, but almost never win money from each event you pay to enter, you're a pot filler.
"Low Tier God talks like he's mad good, but that arrogant nigga hasn't won money at a big event in years. Dude is basically the quintessential pot filler."


Tim: "I can't wait to enter the smash bros tournament this Saturday!"

Jake: "Dude, you never place in the money. You're just a pot filler."

Tim: "That's fucked up, Jake."

Jake: "I'm just keepin' it real, dawg."
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by The North Bay Bard August 19, 2016
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