Post-trad describes a person who couldn't take the heat. Since their mothers fed them exclusively soy milk as children, their based levels are unable to be seen with the naked eye as they are nearly non existent.

Post-trads are very concerned with how they are perceived. They adhere to liturgical indifference, some times claiming "I know the Latin Mass is better but trads mean". The often walk what they pretend is a middle ground and play the centrist card frequently, though in debates they will inevitably side with the leftcaths.

Post-trads are the first in line to take any vaccine, and always wear their masks. Post-trads are well known for their desire to simply "OBEY".
Tony thinks the Latin Mass is cool but the trads are mean, so he goes to his local Bogus Ordo to support his local parish. Tony lives with his mom. Tony is a post-trad.
by Sam Rocha January 13, 2021
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