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A term used to describe the music of Weezer since 1996's "Pinkerton," which is believed by most to be the band's best work to date. Though some of Weezer's work since Pinkerton has done well (both The Green Album and "Make Believe" have gone platinum), the hardcore fanbase still holds every new release against Pinkerton as a measure of quality.

The term has also developed into a meme amongst Weezer fans as something similar to "Cool story, bro." Often times, sarcastic comments are made on Weezer message boards that include the phrase, "best ____ post-pinkerton" in the same spirit.
"Miss Sweeney," "Pig," "The Angel and the One," "Haunt You Every Day," "Prodigy Lover," and "The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World" are all songs that are commonly held up as being on the higher end of Rivers Cuomo's Post-Pinkerton work.
by Lex Tex August 30, 2010
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