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It is a religion based upon the bible. It intends to protect women by allowing them a maximum of 4 husbands. It is almost like the Coran, but it is a new perspective and a few changes, based upon what happened centuries ago.

God created the world, then he created Adam. He took one of his ribs to create Eve. He told Adam to take care of her. Throughout history, it has been shown that male figures take care of women as an instinct. The population of men exceed that of girls. Also, girls are almost always surrounded by boys. Post-Gen X is a religion created on the twenty-first century, with modern approaches and interpretations of the bible, and events believed to have occurred, to protect women, such as Maria (Jesus mother), and make all the people in the world happier.
Isabella married four guys and now they are the happiest and most efficient family on earth. They are all very happy to be part of Post-Gen X.
by Anonym God December 10, 2010
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