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n. Abbr. PTCD
A serious physical/psychological disorder caused by the attendence, academic pressures, and brutality of the College of Dupage. Affected victims more than likely develop some degree of scolionophobia. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: any form of distress, difficulty breathing, hypertension, irratability, hyperawareness, agitation, panic attacks, elevated pulse rate, insomnia, anxiety, and other serious health risks in the duration and aftermath of first and second semester. These symptoms, while triggered by experiences or passing moments of rememberence, may also occur at random. Fortunately, PTCS usually diminishes within the first 1-2 weeks of summer.

See also: College of Dupage
"Son, your mother and I couldn't help but notice you're not yourself, your grades are steadily declining, you're not sleeping, you're easily angered, I've never seen you so stressed in my life."

"Dad, I think I have Post Traumatic COD Disorder."
by COD Prisoner May 14, 2009
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