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What's this? You giving up so soon? You gotta have a little gumption. Yeah!

A can-do kinda attitude. Take it from a gull who knows
Now look at me
You see this face
In terms of beauty I'm a basket case
And as for style and savoir faire
Well I guess there ain’t

A whole lot there
Yup, although perhaps
It makes no sense
I strut my stuff

With lots of confidence
Cause though I lack
And awful lot
There is one thing I got!
I got positoovity!
I got positoovity!
It gives me the zam
And the zow
And the yaddle laddle laddle
That’s why I walk
With a wiggle in my waddle
Cause once you’ve heard that word
There aint nothing you can do
So let that positoovity
Work for you
Course there is in the dictionary right between popsuckle and prehysterical.

Believe you me I seen it work miracles!
Now he's a shmoe
And he's a shlep
And this one doesn’t
got the sharpest rep
In fact all three
without a doubt
missed the day that brains
were handed out
We got positricity!
We got poositivity!
Just try it out, come on!
And the yippee-dip-doodle
That’s why we sounds
Like there's knowledge

In our noodle
And once you learned that word
There ain’t nothing you can do
by Coolguy = Chris February 09, 2018
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