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What 99.9% of relationships i.e. communications in this country are lacking due to the obsession with being top of the game.
slander campaigns
hate buckets

negative attention
looking for love in all the wrong places

most sales tact to gain a profit margin is a positive sounding idea, but could lead the consumer to a negative out come for their budget if they truly cannot afford the overhead of the product they are being sold. Which in the end does nothing for either the consumer or marketer and causes a negative relationship in the end.

Another words, You reap what you sew and you will see in heaven what you wish for on earth.
J: what are you doing to my head you crazy preachin' woman?
Peachy: Trying to save your darn relationship with your wife and children. remember why you loved and created the family you did. Your relationship needs some positive re-inforcement before it all slips away and the children are hurt. Seen it one too many times even in my own life.

P1: Why won't you just buy what I'm selling you. you know you NEED this.
Smartartded P2: No, really I don't. Can't afford it. It will cause damage to some ones feelings and is really not my idea of faith before fury. Do you know me at all or do you go by the idea in your own head to help you sleep at night?

Market: Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell,....!!! Get money, play honey, and earn my nuggets!
Smart consumer: Your in desperate need of some Positive re-inforcement in your tact partner;) Looks aren't every thing, connection and personal relationships that are not just profitable marginal are!
by K'sJUSTAthouhgt May 16, 2010
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