The beak , aka “poachy smalls”, botched , poshticles, chicken, james beak

Little farm animal that follows junior everywhere he goes, whom he’s the father to and such. Beak often eats cheese and sticks her beak where it shouldn’t be

Poshwitz can be found in juniors videos or tik toks. (@juniortrooper69, j bravo, etc)

Likes k pop and all those annoying things that unsettle juniors mood but he still loves her.

Unlike, chesapeake and kvampled
Poshwitz is closest to the forbidden one yet somewhat distant at the moment.

Poshwitz is a chicken with feathers and better watch out before she gets a beak slap!

Junior: Come here beak I need ya to film this for me

Poshwitz: bok?

Junior; yea that’s right here hold the camera

Poshwitz: *proceeds to poke the camera with her beak

Junior: noooo! You deleted my footage, aw dang it, go back to your nest!
by Uggs bunny December 14, 2021