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A book that the girl "Yuri" reads you in the game Doki Doki Literature club, which is about said by Yuri in Act 1 "Basically, it's about this girl in high school who moves in with her long-lost sister... But as soon as she does so, her life gets really strange. She gets targeted by these people who escaped from a human experiment prison. But in Act 2 she says more and she has to say this "Basically, it's about this religious camp that was turned into a human experiment prison... And the people trapped there have this trait that turns them into killing machines that lust for blood. But the facility gets even worse, and they start selectively breeding people by cutting off their limbs and affixing them.
Yuri pulled the book out of her backpack called The Portrait Of Markov.
by Somebody that likes money June 05, 2018
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