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A videographer was about to produce a webcast and asked if the server admin set up the media server to accept connections on Port 90 because it was not working. Knowing the videographer pulled the port # out of the air, the server admin called bullshit. The server admin knew that port 1935 was the main port with port 81 set up as a failover. Going forward, whenever someone 'made shit up' the media server team would respond with "Port 90". Leaving the bullshitter with more questions than answers.

An interjection with I: I call bulllshit
Talk nonsense to (someone), typically to be misleading or deceptive.
Woman is speeding down the road whilst talking on her cell phone. A police officer sees her on the cell phone and pulls her over.
Police Officer: "I would have let the speeding slip if I did not see you on your cell phone".
Woman: No, no! I was just using the phone to warm up my cheek.
Police Officer: "Hmmm. OK. Port 90!!". He then issues a summons leaving the woman looking confused.
by VladimirPoopen September 28, 2013
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