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Pornpraipech has a Chinese heritage to its name even though it's in Thai. It is usually pronounced as, "Pon-plai-peh" in Thailand.

A Thailand surname that literally is transformed from the Chinese surname of "Koh", which is pronounced as "Xu" in Mandarin. ( and probably extended to give it more power.)- Dominantly Teochews.

When the Chinese started immigrating to Thailand in the early years, there were racism issues and to create peace between the Chinese and the native Thais, the government issued an edict that all who wish to declare Thailand as their homeland shall only have Thai surnames. The Chinese had to change their Mandarin surnames to Thai. And being Chinese, their names have to look glorifying so they imitated the Royalties by having 2 or more syllables in their last name. The longer the last name, the more status it brings.

People who have Pornpraipech as their last names usually get teased a lot or lead a horrible life having to spell the first four letters of their last name.
In America or any English speaking countries, the Pornpraipechs gets stuck in situations like...

A : " What is your last name?"
P : " Pornpraipech "
A : " Porn........... "
( The wild imaginations usually starts. )


A : " Spell your last name please "
P : " P - O - R - N..."
A : ( looks at P with questioning eyes )
( and the jokes or teasing about porn usually starts...)

In Singapore,the Pornpraipechs get teased as Ponporapok, keropok !

In Indonesia, the Pornpraipechs get teased as Pomporompet, trompet !

by jjjvg March 07, 2009
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