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Someone who watches excessive amounts of porn and knows absolutely nothing about real women.
Actual conversation from an iirc channel:
thepatriot1> Why is it so hard to find a virgin these days? I swear women these daysare nothing more than a bunch of sluts with vaginas so loose they could park a car up there.
thepatriot1> women are so fucking irrational too, what happened to the days when women actually knew their place and would shut their stupid mouths when a man tells them to
zozoid> lol seriously? Did you learn about women from a fairy tale written by Glenn Beck? If you think that you clearly haven't met any actual women. Get off the computer and go outside, pornlord.
by Alice the Red September 03, 2014
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Someone who buys or downloads a lot of porn, therefore is the place to get your porn fix.
John is the local porn lord, have a bondage fetish, he's got it, what about a bestiality fetish, you're weird.
by A porn lord December 14, 2010
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