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An ignorant tool with incredibly low self esteem. This is the guy who, though he's 5 years removed from graduation, will still attend the high school girls basketball game and post about it on Facebook. This is the guy who everyone voted to be the most successful in high school yet who shows himself to be an epic fail, surprising nobody who isn't a tool. This is the guy who is always the first to post a "happy birthday" on each and every one of his Facebook's friends' walls (includes younger siblings, whom he has barely ever spoken to, of kids who used to tolerate his ass back in the day). Yet this is the guy who has amassed a following a tools like the Pied Piper did with children. In short, this is a person you never wanna be.
Herb: Look at those pre-teens playing home run derby next to the elementary school
Donnie: The ones with the backwards hats and the undersized college basketball jerseys?
Herb: Yeah them. On there way to being regular Porciellos

"The Porciello smells like donkey dung. Must have shit his shorts again."

Mitch: "Hey who's playing at the club tonight?"
Gary: "That gay group with Porciello on guitar I think"
Mitch: "Let's watch Porky's 2 instead."
Gary: "Agreed."

"Stop being such a faggot-ass Porciello"
by Johnny Woodly February 24, 2010
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