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The act of broing out in the company of bros on the front lawn and or porch of a fraternity house. Activities include sitting, bags (cornhole), football throwing, frisbee, listening to music and hanging out with ladies. A strict dress code is enforced. Shorts are required to be no longer than the tops of the knee and may not have cargo pockets. Collard polos are not required however advisable. Accessories include items such as; boat shoes, ray-bans, frat-strap (croakie), and any other nautical themed items. The easiest way to produce an acceptable music playlist is to use the itunes genius and start with any Jack Johnson or Dave Matthew's song.
Hey bro, why don't you call up the ladies we're all getting ready to go porch fratting. I'm gonna be a sec because I'm not looking to frat it up without my new polo and sperrys.
by Porch Fratting Chair April 14, 2009
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