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A type of a social group, usually found in schools and collages. A stuck up, self obsessed with very high self esteem person who thinks that they're above everyone else in social status, or just about in anything. Someone who likes to pick on other people's faults just because they can and who are not afraid to keep on making fun someone, especially if it means that it will help create a "cool" or "bling" image within their society of "popular pricks". Usually travel in a group. Most of them look good, which only boosts their confidence, or just think their good looking because their friends are part blind (if they have any that is). Not to be confused with chavs.

If you have been unlucky enough as to meet one, then you most likely have felt first hand what a popular prick can do to your already low-self esteem. If however, upon your encounter with one, you noticed that they behave, and act fairly normal around you then that means that you have been accepted into the circle of the "popular prick circle" or "popular prick group". If that happened, and you don't have any other friends, then you have become one. If on the other hand you do have other friends that do not seem to be socialising with any popular pricks, then there is hope for you yet.
Friend 1:Hey are you going to that party on saturday

Friend 2: yeah it's going to be freaking great man!

(Popular prick butts into the conversation)

PP: Haha you guys are so lame, im gonna go talk to some real cool party people!

Friend 1 & 2 (walk away):god he's such a popular prick...
by 260Studios October 18, 2011
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