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A phrase generally used in the hip hop lexicon. It describes not only an action, but also a general attitude. The term was originally used in this sense by the rapper E-40. When used by E-40, and many other hip hop artists including Three 6 Mafia in their song Poppin My Collar, the term refers to the act of pulling one's collar, or the clothing where one's collar would be (as when wearing a t-shirt), with the thumb and fingertips. One then releases the clothing in varying degrees of flamboyance. Used in this sense, "poppin' ya collar" is more about the attitude and message of confidence portrayed in so doing than any clothing style (see upturned collar). E-40 immortalized the term (and the accompanying attitude), in his song Pop Ya Collar from his album Loyalty and Betrayal.
1. After you get your car officially pimped, xzibit will be poppin' ya collar.

2. Never confuse the international sign for welling with poppin' ya collar.
by Mr. Pompo October 24, 2006
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