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**Originated from The Term Poppin Molly's**---

Poppin Pickles is the more recent term created to Hide the true meaning of popping Molly's.

**Recent Research on the Term**
This is still an ongoing term in society today, however is slowly being banned from ever being used.
_However is you pop to many pickles you would be refered to as "Charlie Potatoes"
YO young blood, you got a dollar? or you gonna get to "poppin Pickles"

Yo Fredrick, Pop me a pickle nigga

Eric doesn't pop enough pickles, guess that sour pussy don't want to be charlie potatoes

Shawty be poppin that ass like my niggas in the gansta belt be fiendin for some boiled ham.
"Boiled Ham"- Typicle term for Ham cooked above any temperature past or beyond 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
by WolfSlaw April 08, 2013
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