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"Popcorn playa" is an explicit expression that usually negga ghetto people use when something unexpected goes's cool and it was created in the Wu-Tang-Clan..respekt fo MethodMan..
Papcorn playa..negga..
by Batranu January 03, 2005
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A man that gets women without a lot/any money.

Also a phrase from the movie How High (2001), meant to signify accomplishments in the same vein.
That dude is pimpin' hard with his broke ass. What a popcorn playa.
by BitchYouAintNoNinja April 22, 2020
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An exclamation, appropriate for almost any situation, that is accompanied by a hand motion gesturing a free throw toss in basketball. It can be said while entering or exiting a room for a more profound and lasting impression.
As seen in the 2001 film, "How High."
Allie: "I want McDonalds."
Ariel: "Popcorn Playa!"

Billy: "Hey, remember that chick who used to say 'popcorn playa' everytime she entered and left a room? Man, that was annoying as fuck."
by ArielRoseK December 13, 2007
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