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"Popcorn Status" (a status that is designed to - and will most likely - start an argument) refers to the simple idea of eating popcorn whilst watching a gripping movie that has all the same attributes as the fight. Everyone who gets it on their news feed will spend the next hour watching the fight and refusing to leave their computer screen for fear of missing a vital moment, they'll become so interested in watching the plot unfold, waiting for the twists and turns that make it exciting.

It can be a relationship problem: i.e. boyfriend - "Who's that lad":cue argument.

A bitch fight - "oioi, what have you been saying about me behind my back?":cue argument

A bully - "haha, you're ugly":cue argument

Facebook Famous - "i don't care what you say, this is what i think":offensive statement:cue argument

No matter who it is, it creates something brilliant to watch, so settle back and enjoy it with a good bag of popcorn.
Status: i don't give a fuck about the video but your face is so ugly and your teeth are like goofy that's whats makes the vid funny you fool now go make more videos about me while i fuck your mum. someone tag him?

Hater: you get your fucked up personality back?urm someone report him or something!?and you're surprised people give you hate after all them words written on almost every persons pictures.

Supporter: This is called bullying. Leave poor lad alone.

Hater: "poor lad" haha he,s gets wants comimg he bulled me and them other lasses he should get it to. your so gay you have to go to sperm donors,fart in a cup and half of it gets used

Supporter: I can count at least 8 people on here, ganging up on one person. One on one isn't bullying or ganging up unless someone else gets involves like you lot are. So teach yourself a lesson.

Hater: Who's the one running their mouth? You're the one saying you're gonna 'slap' everyone? Pretty sure slapping is what kids do in the playground? Oh and if you're such grown up man, then why are you getting involved in arguments with teens?

Stranger - "This is such a popcorn status!"
by laughing-at-you October 24, 2012
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A status on Facebook where 2 or more people are in a verbal fight. Usually pointless and too serious for the conflict, a popcorn status should be read with a bag of pop corn and set to automatically refresh as the fighters post new comments.
Girl 1: Bitch you don't know me.
Girl 2: Come at me! I'll hit you in your nose.

Girl 1: That's why your boyfriend said I give better head then you.

Boyfriend: Hey slut, watch the bullshit you're starting on the internet!
Random guy: This is a total popcorn status.
by Popcornman420 November 08, 2011
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