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When an individual has a late realisation on a mainstream idea which they believe is very insightful and decide to share this realisation with as many people as possible.
These individuals are often young and are aged between 12-27 but there are examples of even older pop-philosophers. They will make use of social media to preach their message in an effort to gain kudos from their fellow man and show how knowledgeable they are. What sets these pop-philosophers aside from regular learned men is that the ideas of a pop-philosopher are usually personal feelings, expressed on a very holistic level with no real world application, meaning and almost always very hypocritical. Quite frankly no one’s give shit about these ideas as they are complete waste of time. Pop-philosophers often have a very small group of friends as it is nearly impossible to tolerate such a person. They will have a large following from other individuals, often pop-philosophers in making themselves.
This term was originally coined by Mr 'Skye', currently residing in Singapore.
Ruby: I believe that to help our fellow man, we should raise individual awareness by launching multiple mass media campaigns to selected target groups and measure the data which we can use to extrapolate, blah diblah blah.
Skye: Oh for fucks sake Ruby, shut up you stupid Pop Philosopher and just run down to the copying room and get me 20 copies of this report on the homeless so I can get some real work done.
by Yagermeister April 20, 2013
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