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A personal view of individuals raised or exposed to the poor lifestyle for extended periods of time. Often accompanies extreme paranoia over money and hoarding.

Individuals with poorspective often have concerns spending money on everyday items such as tooth paste and toilet paper because there could possibly be a less expensive alternative. They are the last person to buy a round and generally have burner cell phones and receive several forms of government aid including welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, and WIC.

After the Great Recession of 2008 an epidemic of people with Poorspective has surfaced. The only remedy is to get a job and earn your money.
Sandy: I was thinking we could go to Olive Garden for dinner.
Jack: Are you kidding me? I could get the same crap from the grocery store near the Ramen noodles!
Sandy: Jack, I understand your poorspective, and I'm sorry your parents were deadbeats, but we do have the money for Olive Garden.
by NotBroke March 20, 2013
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