Guy One: That poor fish that couldn't answer 1 + 1 was soo dumb XD!
Guy Two: IKR!!!
by Space‌Core‌From‌Portal November 29, 2021
The act of bring any amount of money (the funnest would be a lot of change) to school or any social group and you have to wait until you make a big circle. You would throw the money down on the floor and just watch your dumb ass poor friends scramble and pile each other for it. Make sure the money is directly in the circle so everyone can crash into each other. Change is the best experience since you could throw quarter after quarter and watch people tear each other's assholes for it. Basically for the LULZ
friend 1: Hey man lets go play poor fishing
friend 2: ok, hold on let me jizz on the dollar first
friend 1: XD
by Patrick Bateman_Killer1989 October 4, 2014