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1. The end result of either a triumphant "my girl let me bang her in the ass" or the unfortunate "she won't let me take away her virginity." Either way, you end up with feces on your man-junk.

2. A game similar to horse, used with a tennis ball and spots marked on a wall. Spell out POOPYWEINER and lose.

3. Another name for a Duke Dog.
1. "Hey baby, i think I'm ready for sex, but I need to save my vajay-jay for marriage. Wanna do it in the butt?"

"Aww baby, that will give me mad poopyweiner"

2. "You gotta throw it off brick number 3 and catch it with your left hand...aww shit you missed. You lose poopyweiner."

3. "Look at that duke dog. She definitely looks like a poopyweiner."
by naynay007 February 12, 2010
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