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When you've taken too much pain medicine and your doing someone doggy style your cocks numb and you go so hard and fast that you don't realize you've slipped out of her gash and into her ass. By then you've screwed so violently that you turn her terds into puree. At this moment the smell of shit rises and alerts you to the fact. You look down and there is shit everywhere.
When Dave took Vicodin and fucked The Titty from behind. His cock was so numb he didn't feel it when he slipped from her gash to her ass. He went so hard so fast too long and Dave replied "I smell shit" she replied "I smell it too. He looks down and her head was crammed under the edge of the sofa. He had a basketball sized poop mark from his chest to his thighs from liquid shit. Hence Poopuree ! Not only is her shit puree but the smell of shit is strong like poperee spices.
by Bretyboy December 02, 2011
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