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1. A blanket term used to describe particularly awful, vile or horrid feelings, smells, tastes, people, performances, stomach viruses, issues of indigestion, appearances or general suckiness.

2. Alternatively, because poop is "the shit" and there's a certain romance and chicness associated with death, in ironic hipster-like fashion poopdeath may be used as a positive adjective used to describe things that are cool, trendy or aesthetically-pleasing.
1. Oh dear god, I feel like poopdeath.

"Dude, last night Metropolitan smelled like poopdeath."
"I know. Someone had a poopdeath all over the stall. I saw it."

That Chipotle did not sit well with me. I had a visit from the poopdeath last night.

Well that was a poopdeath performance.

2. OMG. I love your outfit. It's way poopdeath.

"This place is so poopdeath!"
"Totes poopdeath."
by setoburrito September 16, 2011
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