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1. when you take a crap that smells so bad a candle is


2. when you take a crap that resembles a candle, then light it on fire
Matt- "i bet if you lit a black guy on fire it would look like a poopcandle"

David- "Nipples!"
by lil pga pro 1 May 19, 2009
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A masturbatory aid when a loved one is away for prolonged periods of time. Before said loved ones departure, a candle is inserted into their anus, wick end first. Once inserted the internal head produced by the "candlers" anus causes the candle to soften' allowing it to absorb the various pungent aromas familiar to the "candle burner".

Once removed and the loved one has left, the candle is lit, releasing the absorbed smells into the room in which the "candle burner" proceeds to masturbate surrounded in the"poop aura" of their beloved.
Ryan's poop candle reminded him of that time he didn't wash after having unprotected anal sex with with his high school sweetheart Rebecca.
by one leg out the box January 12, 2012
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