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1. A person that has a considerable amount in poop in his/her pants.

2. Someone that looks, smells, or even tastes like poop.
Person 1: Dude, did u smell Noah back there?

Person 2: Yea dude, he smelled like he had a load of shit in his pants!

Person 1: What a poopasaurus!
by Random Air October 15, 2009
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If you eat poo poo, it chemically combines with nuclouric acid (NH76 in the stomach) to form a super poop which consists of 100% poop material and when it is excreted it appears an iridescent green colour .(errrhhh) WARNING!: may take up to 1 hour to excrete
Pooper 1: Man, i ate my wifes ploopy today and i know im gonna have to deal with a Poop-a-saurus at around 4 o clock

Pooper 2: You always do this when i tell you not to. Now im gonna have to help you excrete that motherfucker with a plunger later
by Zelldisch February 04, 2010
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