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An exclamation of great outrage and hopelessness used when realizing that your current situation (usually consisting of an upcoming task or decision) cannot get any worse and that there is no avoiding the impending discomfort to come. Typically used when a situation is of similar despair to that of when one wakes up to find that someone has defecated inside his/her only pair of shoes, and knowing that they will not have adequate time to fully clean said footwear before having to be somewhere that day.
Cop: "Your friend told me that you're carrying marijuana."

You: "He was just kidding."

Cop: "Yeah well I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give you a full body cavity search in public anyway... and I don't have any gloves either"

You: "Poop In My Shoe!"

Doctor: "Well it looks like we're not going to be able to reconstruct your penis from the accident, but we should be able to fix you up with an older lady's donated vagina."

You: "Poop In My Shoe!"
by LarryROIDS!!! February 21, 2011
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