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This term is used for when you are in public restroom and you are trying to go #2 and another person enters the stall next to you. You wait for that person to leave so they cannot hear your poop noises. If that person has to poop as well you may be caught in a poop stand-off.
Christine:"Where have you been? You've been gone for more than 30 minutes?"

Laura: "I got caught in a Poop stand-off with Jen from Sales, she just wouldn't leave!"
by Awesomom February 18, 2009
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When you and another person, perhaps even two other people, are in adjacent stalls in a public restroom, all waiting for the others to leave to unleash your noisy shits. It becomes a battle of wills to see who will hold in their unholy excretion the longest, and it is very accurately called a Poop Standoff.
"Where have you been? You missed the birth of our son."

"Sorry honey, I was in a poop standoff for the past 7 hours."
by kevinisrad December 17, 2013
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a poop standoff is when 2 people go into a public bathroom with more than one stall to poop. both people try waiting until the other person leaves so they can poop in private. that is a poop standoff.
julie went into her work bathroom to poop, but as soon as she got in there, another co-worker came in. she then became involved in a poop standoff, while she tried to outwait the other person.
by funnygurl February 24, 2010
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