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When you hold your poop and then start to fart and your farts have to pass through a filter, or screen, of poop.
"Man my farts really stink right now. Oh yeah! That's because I Have to poop and my farts are passing through a screen of poop thus making them stinker. My farts are passing through my poop screen"
by Ewern December 18, 2011
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The old old legend of how kids get to be freckley. It is said that the child has a screen held over his or her face, then someone poops on the screen. Little drops of excrement seep through & fall onto the childs skin, thus making them poopscreened, AKA freckled.
ginger kid: you suck!
normal kid: shut up you frickin poopscreen!
by kdsjfa April 08, 2006
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