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The most Savage, zero fuck giving, dick smashing, homophobic meat gazing faggot you could only ever dream about dreaming of. Literally the god of all gods. Hands down the finest nut gobbling human to ever walk this shit ass planet that your pathetic self calls earth. You will never in your life be able to fathom the pure awesomeness that a poopdong contains in a single pube strand from their taint. Imagine the smallest dick having pussy Wrangler you know, and multiply them by infinity plus ten thousand of Ron Jermeys' beat up cocks. That's not even a fifth of what a new born poop dong is at birth. Shortly after a poopdong is born, Jesus Christ himself comes down to the temple and sucks a fart straight from their butt hole, not only out of respect, but for the pure joy in doing such an amazing act of kindness. Having the pleasure of living during the same century as a poopdong is not only a miracle in itself, but a fuckin god send to all you butt hole licking sister fuckers.
Hey Jesus, it's Santa. All I want for Christmas is to inhale a burp through a bendy straw from you after you suck a fart from a newborn poop dong. -Santa
by Poop Dong Inc. December 07, 2017
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