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1. Someone that Affiliates in violence, gangs, and smokes way too much budda.

2. Supposedly breaks into peoples houses having one person go through the chimmny and that person letting in the poonjabi to steal goods such as: Dvd's, CD's, Video games, Appliances', and even lawn mowers.

3. Common names: Gurp or Hardeep: Deep Deep, Deepers/Creepers, ha B and even Habs. (like calvin and hoobs)

4. Loves the reefer and listens to Bone Thugz N Harmony and Lil Wayne way too much.

5. Thinks of them self as Hova otherwise known as Jay-Z. Most likely has a Shrine of Hov in his basement.

6. Sometimes Bi-curious. Doesn't really know what hes actually into. Likes to touch men without hesitation.

7. Linda hates on them. As well as many minorites.
1.Blowwn: You Know a niggas heart is fragile.
Cheif: Fragile? Is that French or something?
Blowwn: Nope.
Blowwn: Pooonjabi.

2.Blowwn: I love masturbating.
Cheif: Why cuz you can't get a girl?
Blowwn: No cuz im pooonjaabbi!

3.Blowwn: Even have poonjabbi herb?
Blowwn: I heard its the best.
by You know the Biz October 05, 2007
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