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A 30 something year old woman, sometimes with a British accent. A pessimist that wants everybody to feel miserable. Extremely sarcastic and hard to take seriously.
J: "Yo Emma check it out it's Poochie Mama"
E: "We better stay away from her, she aint legit!"
by Legitperson123 December 16, 2011
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A former hoochie mama who has let herself go and grown herself a pooch belly either by having a litter of children or over eating thus earning the title of 'poochie mama'. A large, less than desirable, extra large belly on what once was a fine ass hoochie mama.
One who wears clothes two sizes too small thinking she is still hot. example being... "Look at that POOCHIE MAMA wearin' dat trashy ass shit!"
by Club Rob February 27, 2010
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