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1) A dangerously unstable and rare compound that as a natural mineral can only be found growing on the perennial and indigenous "tang tree" (usually fertilized with poo). It is known to be beneficial to the human urinary system under unknown"ideal" conditions.
2) What blond girls hear when she misinterprets you!
3) Something definitely not found on the dollar menu!!! (May want to check with your local prostitute for exact amount)
4) A source of edible food ONLY for the female vagina.
5) The product of cross contaminating nuggets with poo tang.
Guy 1: So today, during the moment of silence, this nerd kept talking about all the poo tang he gets... so i kicked him in the nuts and set his family on fire!
Girl 1: Geez all that for some poo tang nuggets?
Guy 1: Thats not what I said

Dealer: I got the dankest nuggets around my nigga! Only $5 a gram. This shit is cryptochronicketamine shit. It will fuck you up!...... Oh and I got some heroin :/
by TeeMart June 17, 2009
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