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Poo Cactus is the World's Largest Giant Anal Spiked Dildo. Leaves your asshole dripping blood and looking like a wizard's sleeve.


Cactus (shaft) - 18in. long x 6in. diameter
Spikes - 3in. long (protruding from 'cactus' from multiple angles)

Poo Cactus is exactly the product you need if you feel your anal sex has been lacking those intense, noticeable sensations.
The bold, true-to-life size and tissue-ripping 3 inch metal spikes are guaranteed to have your anus throbbing for at least 3 days after use!*

*May vary based on proper bandaging of the anal walls and healing time (the pace at which your anus repairs itself). If you find you are recovering too fast for your liking, we recommend more aggressive usage.
Pooooooo Cactus!
The best cactus in the world!
Pooooooo Cactus!
Penetrating the asshole of every boy and every girl!

Example 2:
Rick: Dude you might have a serious injury, your ass is leakin' mad blood.
Greg: Nah it's all good, I tried Poo Cactus the other day. Still feeling it now, 3 days and I haven't stopped bleeding.
Rick: Holy shit, dude...
Greg: Yea it works like a charm!
Rick: Awesome! I wanna try, can I borrow yours?
Greg: Yea!
Rick: Yea!
by Anal Bleeder 429 September 08, 2010
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