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A poo tower is the structure created when multiple people use the same toilet without flushing or adding paper. This is normally done as a pre-organised event in a location with more than one cubicle so that as one person poos another can be wiping in the other cubicle. This method also minimises risk of your poo tower being destroyed by a passing cleaner who has a general level of emnity for poo architecture.
Ed: guys, i'm totally board but i've been brewing up a biggy so lets go make a poo tower.

Jo, Josh and Jack: sure thing boss

Sam: me and the guys had nothing planned for the weekend so we went for a poo tower pb.

James: dude, i just tried to go to the loo but i chundered as soon as i got in there. wTF is that smell

Bob: oh yeah sorry about that. me and the fellas decided we needed some male bonding so we built a poo tower.
by JCB123 June 22, 2010
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