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By nature it happens to the most unluckiest people to ever roam this earth...they walk and manage to stand in dog poo.

A poo shoe menace is a poo shoe predator, they seem to attract dog poo to the shoe all the time.

Also noted, is that these subjects, seem to be the only people to ever manage to stand in dog dirt and not notice, thus ends up spreading the dog poo on the pavement, in your house, on your car mats and finally onto bottom of your shoe somehow.

Poo shoe menace predators are sometimes not easily spotted out in the streets, due to their careful nature of hiding such negative traits. One thing to check for when seeking a poo shoe menace, is too check your own shoes, to see if you have a poo shoe.
"That dude is a poo shoe menace, he has poo on his shoe".

"Gary is a poo shoe menace to society".

"Did you smell that dog poo, oh Gary must have had stepped into dog poo again, he likes to poo shoe".
by kvd February 05, 2008
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