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One who lives off of others possessions, and continues to for long periods of time. Often times asking for favors from others. Has slow moving sluggish mannerisms with slow response times and meaningless conversations via cellular telephone. Physical characteristics include open mouth, unnecessary fatigued gaze, and lifeless posture.
Poo Dawg
Brad Lee Puhich
(Successor) Ethan Metre Ogdee
by Andruw Melton January 24, 2009
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The main ingredient in a Poo Dawg Milkshake. A flavorful, earthy, nutty, rich taste that pairs well with jellyfish, cheesecake, and Rumple Minze.
The woman, clearly pissed off at her boyfriend for butt-fucking her husband behind her back and in their marital bed, dumped her poo dawg milk shake over both men's head.
by Kah-Kah Bum December 05, 2018
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