An prank, of sorts, in which someone intentionally doesn't flush the toilet after defecating for a specified person (the target) to find.
Dude, my boss is making me work over time this weekend. I'm so pissed. I'm going to poo bomb that motherfucker!
by nateforthepeepz June 16, 2009
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(noun) definition attributed to lowbrow
A diaper so full it is overflowing.
I swear the baby shit out 70% of her body weight....she made a real poo bomb
by joe plummer April 21, 2006
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when you are pooing and a small piece of fesis or poo detaches its self from the poo mass, and drops, causing a great splash, whenconsequently results in yo getting water containing your own urine and fesis on your self
ohh shit, i just dropped a poo bomb, and now my sphinctor and ass are all wet.
by Earl G. October 25, 2004
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After having sex with a male or female (whatever that person is into), You crap in the condom, poke a hole in the bottom and drain out the remaining seman. You then place the "poo bomb" into your hand and hurl it at an un-suspecting person's face. Preferably when they are talking so it lands in the person's mouth.
"During my board meeting, I poo bombed someone really badly"
by Laughtdigitty October 16, 2007
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