A town in South Wales 30 mins from the Capital Cardiff home town of Ton Jones, Stereophonics,lost profits and some dude from the clash neither of which has been back since becoing famous apart Tom who done a gig for his 63nd birthday in the local park which cost £35 a ticket there's nothing in Ponty but shoe shops and pubs so its not suprising it s got high umemployment and the locals got nothing else better to do but get pissed up drunked up and scrap most of the problems are caused by valley commando's who live in the surounding valleys around ponty the term given to this is the commandos are out on tour they normanly be found out on tour either its Giro day or just been down AKA just got out of prison most commonly the HMP parc in bridgend or USK for the ones under 18 if your unlucky enough to end up in a pub in ponty on the weekend remember keep bank notes well hidden do not make any eye contact with anyone u might get met with ar eu looking at me but and get your face filled you may spot the CCTV system through out ponty and might be fooled into thinking the police respsoned incidents they see typically the police will watch it from the comfort of their police control room and turn up after if your a girl drinking in ponty dont drink pnts dont put your drinks down otherwise u end up date rape and they send pciture back to yor home address of it p's beware of the road driver are commonly drunk, stoned or stole the car or just dont have a licence in the first place
Im off to pontypridd i'd better get my conbat outfit on and sharpen and oil my flick knife

pontypridd is known locally as the warsone
by The Rooker Monster March 22, 2006