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A Ponicorn is part Pony, part Unicorn. They are rare creatures that only speak in Dolphin with the occasional Monkey sound. Ponicorn's are highly sought after pets as they can grant you 2.75 wishes.

It is a well known fact that Richard Branson, Oprah and Justin Bieber own Ponicorn's, however for obvious reasons they keep them hidden from the public.

If you ever meet a Ponicorn, repeat three portmonteaus in a row and it will give you a gift. Gifts range from small cars, cases of Canadian domestic beer, etc...
I saw a Ponicorn in the forest last night and it gave me this hickey.

I heard Oprah's Ponicorn poo's Christmas TV's!

Justin Bieber's Ponicorn wish was the reason he was in that Brazilian brothel.
by Berns-2013 December 19, 2013
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