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A special type of woman with a knack for foriegn objects. She thinks the men of Greece are in love with her, due to her blue-eyed and blonde hair characteristics. The Polyakova speaks with a Russian accent and says that bottled water gives you Aids, chicken makes you horny, her mother is a butterfly etc. The Polyakova thinks coffee is the best breakfast and widens her eyes when she speaks. She has explicit dreams that she does not speak of much, loves the word 'womanizer', writes geeks instead of greeks, talks much about circumcision, had a Canadian concubine and says something about polygamy and Russia EVERYDAY! she pronounces 'snacks' as 'S-KNACK-IES' .This woman is definetly eccentric and one-of-a-kind! Once you meet her, you will love her, even with all her weirdness and flaws, the Polyakova is amazing!
student : oh! i have to hurry to my next class
Polyakova : you look like someone you should speak RUSSIAN!!! RUSSIAN! RUSSIAN!! LEARN RUSSIAN!! (in Russian accent)
student : uhmmm...okay
by Krystyna Marie Godiva August 06, 2009
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