The extent to which an individual is aware of what is happening in the government and society, as well as what various politicians, organizations, businesses, and political parties’ agendas, beliefs, and actions are on numerous policy issues. This includes being aware of the activities of various social movements looking to reform society. It is important to remember being aware of the beliefs and activities of only one political party means an individual’s political consciousness is limited at best because in order to fully understand what is going on politically, you must have descent understanding of multiple political parties so you can see the issue from multiple angles, allowing you to see the situation more clearly without being manipulated too much by any one party. Usually, the more someone is aware of what is happening with multiple political parties, the stronger their political consciousness is.
Roderigo is aware of what is happening with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Green Rainbow Party. Samantha is only aware of what the Republican Party is up to. Roderigo has a strong political consciousness, while Samantha has limited political consciousness.
by Vanguard 1998 November 11, 2021
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